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Welcome to Tharang Academy Of Arts

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“Learning is all about learning how much more we have to learn…”


Tharang  Academy of Arts is an endeavor  of Smt. Aparna Vinod Menon, the founder Director, to nurture and propagate Indian classical art forms. The focus of Tharang Academy of Arts is Bharatanatyam and Hindustani vocal music as she herself is persuing these art forms.  The guiding philosophy behind Tharang is not only to pass on the techniques of above mentioned art forms, but also to go in-depth into the spiritual soul of these.  Tharang regularly provides platforms for the budding artists to perform and also take up examinations in order to widen their academic horizon.


Tharang Utsav is an endeavour which we began beginning in Sept, 2013, towards giving opportunities not only to the members of Tharang family but also to other promising upcoming artists, as well as, accomplished artists so that the young artists are exposed to the finer aspects of Indian classical art.

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